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Nicolas Cage is one of the finest celebrities of Hollywood. He is one among the top actors in Hollywood. The occupation of Nicolas Cage is actor, director and producer of Hollywood movies. He stars the lead role in Hollywood movies. There are plenty of movies starred by Nicolas Cage which came out with huge success in Hollywood cinema. Some of popular movies which included starring roles by Nicolas Cage were face off, the rock, raising Arizona, National treasure sequels, leaving Las Vegas and gone in 60 seconds to name a few. He is considered to have appeared in more than 60 films including those mentioned above.

Nicolas Cage was considered to be nominated for the Academy award for two times. He has also won an Academy award for its outstanding performance in the movie leaving Las Vegas in which he played a character of suicidal alcoholic person. Some of the movie’s which gave him a good reputation and a market were adventure and action genre.

Nicolas Cage is considered to be one among the top paid actors according to information provided by Forbes magazine. He is considered to be earning about 40 million as per the survey carried out 2009.
Nicolas Cage was accused to be having a problem with tax payment. He is one among the celebrities who are having problems with IRS. During the year 2009, internal revenue service charged Nicolas Cage for not paying the tax amount of about US$6.2 million approximately. He was also considered to be having more than $3.5 million of unpaid taxes from the year 2002 – 2004. Nicolas Cage for the accuse of not paying the tax by IRS, blamed on his ex-manager stating that he was making the bad investment choices for some of the risky real estate times. And hence he was not paying any taxes in time.

Nicolas Cage is also found to be facing some other separate lawsuits from Red club investments and east West Bank for the unpaid loan of multi-million dollar. Nicolas Cage was considered to be set out so that he can make good with Internal Revenue Service but was still found to be ended up paying considerable amount of fine on the taxes which he evaded. But as per the data covered with a manager Nikolas Cage was considered to be making reckless expenditure which led him for not paying the tax in time.

It was during the year 2009; Nicolas Cage was not able to skip the conviction and hence was held liable. Nicolas Cage had to face the consequences and paid the penalties but was not sent for the prison. Nicolas Cage was told to pay the fines for not paying the tax in time. During this term he considered to have lost a home which was worth of multi-million dollar. This house was located in the state of Nevada. In the end Cage was forced to sell some of his properties so that he can pay the tax and other debts.

Celebrity Tax Evasion > Nicolas Cage Tax Evasion

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