Accountant Busy Season Recreation and Fun

Finding time for recreation during busy season can be tough for an accountant, but it is crucial to keeping your sanity - that is why you need to learn how to make the most of every free second you have available.  I remember when I first went into public accounting right out of college, it was such a stark contrast from the days where I would sit around bored trying to think of something to do.  Now, I have a hard time trying to fit in all the fun stuff I want to do into the time I have available to do it.  Here are a few good tips to make the most of your free tie during busy season:

  • Pick hobbies that aren’t time consuming - If your favorite things to do involve large time commitments, you may go crazy during busy season as an accountant!  Find ways to modify your hobbies so you can enjoy them anywhere, for a few minutes at a time.  Ex. if you love sports, maybe instead of going to every game, you learn to follow your team in the news.  Instead of being the president of a community organization, you allow someone else to take over and play a smaller, yet still important role.
  • Plan your free time -  If you have only five hours a week to let loose, make sure it is something big to make up for it.  Go out on the town rather than staying home.
  • Spend time with important people to you - Try to integrate those people you care about into your recreation time, this way you can magnify the fulfillment you receive from this time.

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