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One career path that should be considered when planning your future career is that of an IT Auditor, or Information System Auditor.  These individuals are essential in today’s computerized accounting environment and will be needed more heavily as the complexities of accounting systems grow.  But what does an IT Auditor really do at the end of the day?

We all know that Financial Statement auditors test the financials to make sure that what a company reports is true - well most of this information is stored within advanced computer systems.  There may be hundreds of users that have access to this information, and may regularly update certain parts of it.  Access controls around what they can and cannot update need to be tested to make sure that they can only control the parts that they are supposed to.  Also, the access they do have needs to be appropriate - the permissions they have should only allow them to do their job and nothing else.  Also, systems need to be secured to ensure that nobody on the outside can get in and, for example, take all the company’s money.

Additionally, all the calculations that the computer does to the financial data needs to be verified to be done properly.  For example, automatically calculating depreciation for billions of dollars of fixed assets or the automatic calculation of foreign currency translation is regularly done.  If these are not done properly, it could result in some major issues for the company and shareholders.

Careers as an IT Auditor look good in the future as accounting systems will continue to become more automated and incorporate more technology instead of costly employees.  Usually people entering this profession have backgrounds in Accounting as well as Management Information Systems.  The CISA or Certified Information Systems Auditor is very helpful in pursuing this path but a CPA designation may be better to achieve first.

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