Accounting Exercises - Busy Season Bike for Auditors

How are you going to keep up with your exercises during Accounting busy season?  You work so hard yet you have so little time to devote to regular exercise!  Simple, exercise while you work - build yourself a Busy Season Bike so that you can do Accounting exercise.  See our handy illustrations for how to build the bike below:

First, start with a recumbent bike - so you can sit down and pedal as you work.  This will come in handy as you will be able to be comfortable and work for a long time, as this is the natural pose for an accountant working.  Next, tie your work binder to the bike near the side, so that you can set it down or pick it up easily if you need a break.  Your pencils should go in the drink holder as you will be able to easily access them.  Get your 10-key ready, take some rubber bands, and attach it to your display of the bike.  Look out, now you’re ready to go!  Don’t forget to check out some other great ideas in our Busy Season Survival Guide!

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