Accounting Student Guide

Are you an accounting student or an aspiring student of accountancy?  Then this is the place to come to learn about some of the best tips and education related articles about the exciting career goals you have in your future.  Learn about and get prepared for upcoming exams, professional designations, and future career opportunities.

Accounting Career Choices

Jobs in Accounting - Take a look at some of the main categories of Accounting careers.

Accountant Vs Bookkeeper - Help in choosing which one you prefer to be.

IT Auditor Careers - Learn about pursing an accounting career in this field.

Accountancy Education

Taking Accounting Classes - Which ones should you choose and what to focus on.

Accounting Courses Online - The online variety of accounting courses can be slightly different than classroom based ones.  Check out what to look for here.

Accounting Software - MS Excel - Read why Excel is the top program that Accountants should learn to use.

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