Automating your Life for Accountants in Busy Season

Automating your Life

How are you going to maintain your life while you are at work during busy season?  Undeniably, life requires work, time, and effort.  Or does it?  You may be able to take time out of the equation if you can think strategically about things.  Everything your life that you automate you can save time on, and that means you will have more time for what really matters to you or even advancing your career.

Here are some common areas for which you could automate during accounting busy season:

  • Automate your bill payments through direct withdrawal
  • Setup a maid to come clean your house on a regular basis
  • Instead of cooking all your meals, make a shopping list of convenient foods you like and stock up
  • Purchase a DVR to record your favorite shows
  • Use a dry-cleaner instead of cleaning your own clothing
  • Live in a condo or apartment rather than a home to leverage maintenance and repairs to others
  • Avoid having pets

Utilize some of these time management tips to automate your busy season schedule and suddenly working long hours as an Accountant during busy season won’t seem so bad.  Don’t forget to check out some other great ideas in our Busy Season Survival Guide!

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