Becker CPA Review vs Roger CPA Review

Which CPA Review Course is Best for You?

To become a licensed professional accounting professional takes a great deal of dedication, initiative, and mental capacity. If you want to pass your CPA exam, you may have to devote many hours to researching, practicing for the examinations, and mastering your craft.

Many individuals are not aware of how much time and effort it really takes to become a certified public accountant. That effort means that this will be your top priority for a while.

You might think that all top-rated packages meant to help certified public accountant candidates study have substantial price differences, but that’s not the case here. Roger CPA Review and Becker CPA Review cost about the same, but there are several factors that determine whether or not they will work for you. Generally, the software applications are the same between the two programs. Nevertheless, there are a few factors that make each program special.

In order to pass the Certified Public Accountant Exam, most students utilize online videos. You usually won’t find these types of learning opportunities in a real setting, even, though there are some online discussion forums in which you can express your opinion and others where you can ask questions, though you might receive dubious answers. Some online brokers will offer you a complimentary dry run of each of their programs so you can see if you like them prior to making a purchase.

One of the biggest differences between these two preferred programs is that Roger’s CPA Review uses a variety of different practice tests. The different types of examinations each have their own methods for testing a prospect’s knowledge and skills. Roger CPA Review also offers video lectures with extremely detailed explanations of how to answer multiple choice questions, as well as videos explaining why each answer is correct or incorrect. For Becker CPA Review, you’ll receive a book containing all the answers to the several option examinations, as well as access to the videos. The videos might seem a little less detailed, but they nonetheless provide an aesthetic way for students to learn about the material.

Exam Layout vs. Analytical Writing

Comparison between these two programs will help you see which is better for those students who don’t have a solid grasp of logic yet, but plan to prepare for the CPA exam. The Becker CPA Review courses offer several test formats, each analyzing different skills. Analytical essays are required to demonstrate how well you evaluate and produce a clear and concise essay. After that, there’s another section where you’ll have to write an essay. In this section, you will be tested on your ability to create a clear concept from the information you gathered during the essay. Lastly, there is a scoring system that lets you know what your test rating means.

Video Lectures vs. Video Instructions

Video lectures may seem like the most effective thing ever, but when you are learning, not techniques are created equal. Roger CPA Review emphasizes lecture-style learning, in which the instructor sits in front of a monitor and explains the techniques and principles covered in the video lessons. The Becker CPA Review program includes audio talks, with audio books and lectures used to provide the information necessary for passing the exam. Often, videos can be more helpful in making concepts and treatment plans more easily understood, but they are still less efficient than individual training in providing students with the hands-on training necessary to pass an exam.

Now, we’ve talked about whether or not you ought to invest your hard-earned money on these Certified Public Accountant exam evaluation training courses, let’s discuss what the differences in cost are between these two programs. The fact remains that they are both excellent learning products, but it’s important to come to a decision on which one is right for you so you can start learning. Both programs are solid, so it all comes down to how much experience an individual has. The learning curve for Becker CPA Review course is much shorter, but Becker includes more tools that help you become a CPA.

Becker has three different course alternatives:

  • Advantage at $2,399
  • Premium at $2,999
  • Pro at $3,499

Each of these comes with their own set of benefits, but they’ll also set you back $2,399, $2,999, and $3,499 respectively. That’s fairly expensive, yet you can review the full evaluation to see what makes them worth the price. Also, Becker tends to run specials quite often, which can save you over $1,000 on the most expensive of these study packages.

The Roger CPA Review Course is the more economical choice. They also have 3 training course choices at a far lower cost:

  • Single Course at $399
  • Premier Bundle at $1,899
  • Elite-Unlimited at $2,999

Undoubtedly, this is still a large financial commitment but it’s a lot more economical than their competitors. Roger CPA Review also runs specials at times, bringing the premier and unlimited packages to $1,499 and $1,699, respectively.

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