Beta Alpha Psi - the Accounting Fraternity

Beta Alpha Psi is an Honors Accounting fraternity, and by many concerned to be a stepping stone to a better career as an Accountant. The co-ed fraternity provides the opportunity for members to distinguish themselves as high achieving students. The college student majoring in Accounting will often be provided the opportunity to join, given a certain criteria such as overall GPA, GPA in Accounting courses, community involvement, etc. as well as a high standard for maintaining membership throughout the remaining time in college.

Many chapters of Beta Alpha Psi are active in bringing in experienced employees in public and private Accounting firms. These employees, including the likes of new staff, managers, corporate recruiters, and beyond will often come speak to college students on various topics. These meetings provide students the chance to learn about a specific topic presented that is relevant to the profession, as well as learn about the company that the speaker is from and network in order to increase being hired to that company after graduation. Often meetings are held in a professional manner which provides college students an added opportunity to practice differing forms of business etiquette.

Joining Beta Alpha Psi, as well as many other Accounting organizations and clubs are great ways for a college student to expand their career possibilities and open new doors. Getting involved on campus can only help you out in the job market, creates contacts with different perspectives and looks great on a resume a well.

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