Celebrity Tax Evasion - Hall of Shame

The IRS approach to Celebrity Tax evasion is one subject that illustrates the idea that no marketing is bad marketing. For the IRS, busting a star is a quick way to get publicity. They essentially put these stars across media, from the Enquirer to the New York Times, to set an example for the general public. When the taxman picks out a star to analyze, that star might as well say goodbye to the home, car, private jet, etc.

Actually, the situations of celebrity personalities getting into trouble with the IRS are the same situations that get people get in trouble. They fail to claim income, or claim benefits that are noticeably bogus. Some examples of this happening are included below:

Famous Actors & Actress Tax Evaders
Nicholas Cage
Paul Hogan
Wesley Snipes
Sean Connery
Jamie Presley
Richard Hatch
Val Kilmer
Pamela Anderson
Rob Lowe
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Khloe Kardashian

Famous Musician Tax Evaders
MC Hammer
Marion “Suge” Knight
Marc Antony
Lil Wayne
Vince Neal
Wyclef Jean
Snoop Dogg
Willie Nelson
R. Kelly

Famous Athlete Tax Evaders
Jim Thorpe
John Daly
Jeremy Mayfield
Reggie Bush
O.J. Simpson
Pete Rose
Steven Bren

Famous Business Tax Evaders
Vera Wang
Steven Bren
Halsey Minor
Al Capone

Famous Politician Tax Evaders
Al Sharpton
John Kerry
Arnold Schwarzenegger

If busted of criminal charges, it is easy for the IRS - the star goes to jail. But if superstars can’t pay taxation in a public scenario through information or liquidating sources, things can get difficult. The IRS took a percentage of Mike Tyson’s prizefights. Wesley Snipes’ royalties went instantly to the IRS until his reasonable debts were put in order.

Normal individuals can learn much from star tax evasion cases. Back tax debts happen to anyone. The IRS does not discriminate – they aim to collect overdue taxation from everyone. Celebs have IRS problems just like normal individuals.

Some celebrity personalities seem to think they are immune from IRS problems, but as a lot of court cases have proved, no one is beyond the arm of the IRS discovering tax evasion. Let the aches of these star tax cheats be a good example for you to learn from.

Even the star hiring and accountant, and not doing the accounting themselves, can end up doing jail time. Do not “forget” to pay taxation on earnings. Star Richard Hatch claimed that he was not accountable of tax evasion because CBS had calculated the taxation on his million-dollar win, however that didn’t stop the IRS. If you get support that says you do not have to pay taxation on earnings, and something doesn’t seem right, get a second opinion. If you make serious cash, have your tax returns recalculated by another accountant.

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