FASB ASC 255 - Changing Prices


The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) released the 200 section of the Accounting Standards Codification for the purpose of discussing the braod topic of Presentation. Accounting Standards Codification 255 (ASC 255) was released to address the more specific topic of changing prices.

It should be noted that presentation of these changes in prices is optional and not a required disclosure by the FASB. However, if a company chooses to disclose, they should do it for the preceding five years. Some of the information commonly disclosed includes the CPI (Consumer Price Index), foreign exchange translation, economic purchasing power, etc.

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2 Responses to “FASB ASC 255 - Changing Prices”

  1. Peter Oppenheimer says:

    These are encouraged but not required. If they are to be presented, they should be presented for the previous 5 years. Some of the information you can include are changes in the CPI, fx translations, purchasing power, etc.

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  2. Accountant says:

    Thanks for your input Peter! I checked this against FASB ASC 255 and you are 100% correct. I have updated the page to include this.

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