Guide for New Staff Accountants

Every new staff accountant has a large learning curve when they enter the workforce - this is the same way for everyone based on a number of factors.  However, there are some things that remain universal among all businesses and are solid principles for all starting accountants to embrace.  We have gathered tips from accountants in public, private, and even tax to serve you with the best advice around for when you begin your career as a staff accountant.

Researching Accounting Careers

How much Travel Time for Accountants

Benefits of Travel for Accountants

Making Partner in Public Accounting

On the Job Skills

When to Show up on the First Day of an Audit

Best Practices for Tracking your Time as an Accountant

Hazing in Accounting

Office Technology

Microsoft Excel Cell Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts for Accountants

Why Auditors need GPS Systems

Career Advancement

Promotions in Public Accounting

Career Social Networking for Accountants

Turnover in Public Accounting

Education and Certification

Continuing Professional Education CPE for Accountants

Our aim within this guide is to provide you, the staff accountant, with many great resources to further your career and become the best employee possible.  Let us know how we are doing, by visiting the Contact page above!  We are happy to answer any questions you have about your career or help you share your experiences right here on this site through guest writing opportunities.  Accounting is a great field to be in but it is also a competitive one, so don’t let yourself get behind and stay up to date on all the greatest tips for your career with us!

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