Jobs in Accounting

No matter who it is you are, a college student majoring in Accounting, a current Accountant looking for a change, or someone in another field looking to change, there are plenty of jobs in Accounting.  This can be one thing that surprises a lot of people, as Accountants are often stereotyped in the media in various ways.  However, none of these stereotypes seem to match up with how they truly are nowadays or how the job market is for them.  Beyond this, as technology has advanced, the number of jobs in Accounting at high level, high paying positions has actually grown - this is because the routine tasks have been automated, which freed up people to innovate.

As a result of this innovation in the Accounting field, jobs related to testing the computer systems as well as human interaction with those systems was created.  People in developing countries were more easily accessible due to technology to perform routine tasks that computers were not able to - thus transforming the responsibilities of Accountants in first world countries.  Instead of moving jobs out, it moved jobs up - creating more responsibility, a greater understanding of regulations, etc.  The below fields are the main categories of jobs in accounting that exist - each of which contains many different paths that one could decide to take.

Jobs in Accounting

To dig a little deeper, you can also take a look at some Accounting Job Descriptions to see the career progression for a typical corporate financial accountant.

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