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Welcome to Accountant Town, your first and best source for understanding Accounting. Whether you are a student, accounts receivable manager, a businessman with no knowledge of accountacy, a finance guy looking for insight, or a CPA in the field, this is your one stop-source for information. Accounting has a wealth of knowledge to provide insight on the happenings of business. There are many types of Accounting, as it is a surprisingly diverse field of study. Check our the menu below to see what is available to you in your pursuit of knowledge.

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We strive to create community to help you build your network of users of accounting information across the country and world. You never know who might be able to help you out, as well as the other way around. The learning curve in the profession can be steep, and a formal college education is not the only key to success. Successful Accounting professionals know that their network and community is one of the most valuable resources they have - so make sure to utilize the contact forms on this site to get yourself out there!

The first step you can take is to comment on the pages you encounter within the site - ask questions about technical accounting information, or contribute your expertise. Access the contact form and send us your feedback, questions, etc. We are always welcome to help someone out. You can also contact us if you wish to submit your writing, cartoons, jokes, etc. and we will consider posting them to share with the world! The Facebook and LinkedIn groups are also good areas to find people interested in accounting like yourself, don’t hesitate to join as everyone of all levels are welcome to become part of the community.

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