Taking Accounting Classes

So you have decided that it is time to go back to school, and you want to enroll in some Accounting Classes - but you aren’t sure which school to attend or which classes to take?  Luckily for you, the field of accountancy is one that starts with some fundamentals and then builds from there - so your first choices should be pretty easy.  Generally accounting classes labeled introductory (101 and 201 were the numbers assigned at my school) are going to be the ones that you want to get yourself enrolled in.  Don’t worry so much about where you need to go from there, just make sure that you put forth all your effort into getting a good grade in the class as this is what employers look for in this field.

What Accounting Classes do I Take Next?

Generally your career counselor will provide you with a list of required accounting classes to take and from here, you will be able to follow the path.  You may have a few elective accounting classes that you choose on your own, however these will be very few.  Often times, your choices from those will reflect what type of accountant you wish to become - for example you could take an Auditing class if you wish to become an Auditor.

Ask Before Enrolling in an Accounting Class

Just remember to always consult with your professors if they think you are on the right path for this sort of thing.  It can be easy to make a wrong step and end up missing out on a great class just because you didn’t know how much better another one would be.  Remember that you accountancy professors have a better understanding of the profession than you, as they often used to belong to it and/or have connections to it currently.  Also, the knowledge you learn in your current accounting classes is going to be something you will take with you into your professional life and draw from throughout your career.  Don’t forget to check out more articles in our Accounting Student Guide now!

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