What is a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)?

In management accounting, a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) defines the role that entrepreneurs around the world play in combining accounting and monetary know-how with strategic insights to lead organizations toward performance. Further, it identifies the management accounting experience and competence of accounting professionals in academia.

Individuals can obtain Chartered Global Management Accountant certification from a large selection of professional bodies. You can either join these organizations or work independently. The benefits of membership in these organizations include enhanced career opportunities, better compensation, and recognition. Furthermore, the opportunity to learn from experts in the field is also available. There are websites available for these organizations that offer substantial details about the topic, as well as opportunities for training with present experts.

After becoming a chartered global management accountant, one can continue with their research studies by registering in any of the appropriate courses offered on the market. These courses help in boosting the abilities possessed by the trainee and enhance his understanding about the particular subject. They likewise boost the chances of promotion. Normally, these programs are tailor-made for students who are seeking to specialize in financing or accounting. Most of these courses involve a comprehensive research study of various topics in corporate accounting and economics.

The value of becoming a CGMA

The CGMA designation distinguishes accounting professionals with advanced proficiency in finance, operations, strategy, and management. In order for the classification to remain meaningful for companies, extensive research is done worldwide to identify competencies in greatest demand.

The classification can:

  • help you develop skill in financial accounting
  • establish your understanding of how the various parts of a service come together
  • demonstrate your capability to look outside an organization and to the future of finance
  • show your ability to manage efficiently and constructively and provide unbiased views
  • More than 150,000 accounting and finance experts hold the CGMA, making it the most widely held management accounting classification worldwide.

Two Types of Examinations Available for Chartered Global Management

  • Registered Tax Professional (RTP) Exam
    Candidates getting the RTP test must have at least 2 years of accounting experience.
  • CMA Designation Assessment
    Candidates who apply for the CMA classification examination must have at least three years of Certified Public Accountant experience.

Prospects who effectively pass both tests will get their certification as a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

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