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About us is designed to help readers, from the seasoned accounting professional to the non-accountant trying to learn about the basics. We aim to do this through providing high quality, relevant content and information in a way that is usable.


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Accountant Town is owned and operated by accounting professionals that have obtained advanced degrees, with honors, in accounting from some of the top ranked schools in the country. Following this, they have pursued careers in public accounting at “Big 4” public accounting works, working for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious Fortune 100 companies in various industries.

How can you relate to me?

The staff of Accountant Town have several editors on board to ensure that the material available is understandable to accountants and non-accountants alike. Over our time in the professional world, we have been in several situations where complex and technical accounting jargon needed to be conveyed to people with no background whatsoever. We also listen very fervently to user feedback and strive to adjust our approach based on that. Rest assured that the material you find in this site will be targeted at a level you can understand.

How should I use the site?

By immersing yourself in these materials which thousands of hours have been invested in building, you have valuable, FREE guides to help you, the accounting professional or non-accountant, your skills will improve. Use it as a reference for specific research you are performing, or go through some of the guides we have posted step-by-step in order to learn areas you are interested in. Make sure to share these with your friends and colleagues, as free information should be available to all!

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