Overview of the Accounting Principles

There are many principles to learn when studying the science of Accounting. Handling money in our daily life doesn’t always align with this science, because many people do not consider the many technical aspects that are involved with money.

Certain principles govern the way that money works in our society, and much can be learned from studying these. While no system is perfect, accounting is an incredible and conservative way to measure economic activity and wealth. If you need a refresher, or just want to learn for the first time, the lessons below will be a great start on the technical side of accounting.

Fundamental Financial Accounting Principles

Objective of Accounting
Income Drivers in Accounting
Profit Motive of Business
Business Organization to Drive Income
Accounting’s Relationship to Economics
Economics of Employment
Various Types of Capital
Organization of Financial Accounting

Books of Account/Organizational

Methods of Bookkeeping
Single Entry vs Double Entry Bookkeeping
Debits and Credits Explained
Structure of Accounts
Account Keeping
Definition of the Trial Balance
Classification of Accounts

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