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Becker CPA Review is an online CPA exam preparation course created by trainers with years of experience in all elements of Certified Public Accountants. In order to ensure that the biggest number of people can enroll in their training courses, Becker has actually developed modifications to accommodate the high cost of their course and make it much easier for people to afford. Basically, Becker is considered by many to be one of the best CPA courses out there. The reason is because they take their preparation so seriously and they think that the material taught in their products ought to follow the tests to the letter, so that what you learn is 100% pertinent.

Another thing that makes Becker CPA Review more varied than some CPA exam prep courses is that they concentrate on getting you prepared for the experience of test day, along with the subjects the tests cover. The tests at the end of the book are not fluff, but rather real-life practice questions that will show you where you may need to refine your abilities. Each section of the book ends with a practice question and a plan to answer it. The majority of other online books just use practice concepts and do not provide action guides on how to answer actual questions. That is what makes Becker CPA Review different and that is why so many individuals use it.

The very best part about Becker CPA Review is that it keeps you focused on getting great grades and lets you forget about studying how the test is set up. The authors made certain of that by including a lot of practice test questions and short video lectures and providing it in a format you will recognize when you take the tests themselves. You will get all the info you require to pass the exam with this study course.

The video lectures are excellent ways to learn the principles that all CPAs must know, and they can help you get a feel for the testing process. When you go over the videos, you will find out how to prepare with this study system, how to answer the questions properly, how to get ready physically for the examination, and how to prepare mentally. In addition, you will be provided valuable details on finding the best preparation tools that will fit your needs. You will also get ideas on how to be prepared for the licensing test. By taking practice tests, you will learn what kinds of questions are likely to appear on the exam and how to successfully answer them. The book gives you in-depth explanations of everything.

Coursework personalized for you

1. Efficiency badge
This special badge tracks your level of efficiency around areas and crucial ideas to assist in determining places where you are highly skilled or areas where you need more assistance.

2. Individualized review sessions
At the end of every unit, an AI innovation creates adaptive review sessions to check your understanding and help you become more skilled in particular skill areas.

3. Unlimited customized practice tests
With a large database of multiple-choice questions, you can create an endless variety of special practice tests. Choose between the adaptive customized practice tests that concentrate on specific subjects or a random practice test.

Quality content

Becker partners with the AICPA to make sure that the most current content is always readily available so there are no surprises on examination day.

1. Get unlimited access 
Make the most of Becker CPA review for as long as you need up until you pass the exam.

2. Simulated examinations 
They have 3 simulated tests for each of the 4 sections that mirror the CPA Test in format, design, performance, and time.

3. CPA Examination plan 
Every part of our course maps back to the AICPA CPA Test Plan, so you never need to fret about studying obsolete concepts.

4. Partner to the leading Firms 
Becker prepares personnel for the CPA Exam for 99 of the top 100 US accounting firms and over 2,900 other organizations.

Whatever you need for test day success

Becker uses best-in-class functions for CPA Exam prep – consisting of Adapt2U Technology, customized practice tests, and exclusive SkillMaster videos with every task-based simulation concern – to help you be successful on exam day.

This CPA review course is among the oldest available and they value high-quality study material. Becker CPA preparation course is endorsed by the Big 4 accounting firms, which makes it a stand-out option. This is why there is a constant stream of CPA prospects taking Becker to prepare for their exams.

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