Forensic Accountant Careers Guide

When a person is young he always dreams of having a career which is very interesting, productive and would provide lot of money yet keep him was excited all the time.

As years go by, they realize that the dreams are closer than they thought. What if you could find a career where you do actually have a thrilling life yet be paid well and looked upon with respect by the Society? One such career course is forensic accounting. Of course accounting is already well a recognized career around the world and it is also
known to pay well and it is quite respected the social eye. Forensic accounting is also one of the fastest growing areas of accounting in the present world. Basically a forensic accountant is a detective with a keen and observant financial eye. It is also considered one of the most sought-after jobs in the present world. In this article will briefly discuss the prerequisite knowledge, education requirements that a candidate requires to get on to the field of forensic accounting, as well as the job responsibilities and duties, followed by job opportunities that this field will provide.

Educational requirements for a career in forensic accounting
All accountants require a certain prerequisite knowledge in the field of accountancy. First accountants will require a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in the field of Accountancy or Finance. And it is beneficial and worthy to have a master’s degree in any of the above fields as better jobs and highly paying jobs are normally provided for those who have a master’s degree. Since the case under consideration is forensic accountants, a forensic accountant along with having a bachelor’s degree in Finance and accountancy he would also have to become a Certified Fraud Examiner or have taken up courses that provide a background in the field of forensic investigation. Along with these forensic accountants are generally preferred if they have a Certified Public Accountant certification (CPA). Along with this the employer would also look for candidate has basic knowledge in the field of computers, law and technology. It is very necessary that a forensic accountant keeps increasing his knowledge on a daily basis.

Duties and responsibilities of a forensic accountant
The basic responsibilities of a forensic accountant would have to be to work with law enforcement officials and generally with lawyers to determine and investigate whether they have been any illegal transactions. The investigation also takes them all around and to investigation related to crime related fraud, any corporate fraud, hedge funds and security frauds or money laundering frauds or contact disputes. This gives us an idea about how exciting this field is. Basically they use their accounting and auditing
skills to investigate and assist their client in legal matters. They estimate damages and investigate a crime scene and thus estimate of the total damages or loss or also estimate on compensation claims made by people.

Opportunities for a forensic accountant
Forensic accountants normally get employed by the government or also they can be employed by the private sector. Generally large firms and companies employ forensic accountants. forensic accountants and generally get paid between ranges from $ 70,000 to $ 100,000 and as experience increases the pay also increases.

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