Careers in Government accounting

Accounting is a new career that is on the rise because new industries and companies merge in the world with every passing day.

People are needed to look after the financial transactions, keep a detailed record of everything, and provide profitable advice or planning regarding financial aspects of the company. But it doesn’t stop there, because it is not only companies or industries that need accountants – governments too require them.

Government accounting is a career path for those looking for a respectable job. Accounting is one of the most respectable jobs in present day society and it also pays well. Here will be briefing on the prerequisite education requirements of the candidate to take up government accounting and also brief about the job opportunities and the job responsibilities regarding government accounting.

Educational requirements for a career in government accounting
Considering any accounting career the candidate is required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a specification of accountancy or business sciences. Along with that it is beneficial to have a master’s degree with the related specifications of accountancy business sciences or some business administration. Advanced studies such as the MBA course proves to be very important here. Also via recruitment takes place some companies or firms also ask that the candidate should be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Any prerequisite knowledge regarding technology, law and computers is very beneficial here. Computers dominate the world around us in every aspect of life, and the field of accounting thus requires computer knowledge as one of the most basic requirements.

Duties and responsibilities for a government accountant
Basically a government accountant will be in charge for how the taxpayers money is collected by the government and also in charge of how will be spent. They are expected to help in budget the money of the taxpayers and also in integrating data to prepare plans and device budget for funding government projects. They audit financial accounts and also looks of the costs and ensures that no fraud takes place around them by preparing financial reports. They also require an understanding laws of different States thoroughly because each state has its own laws regarding taxpayer’s money. This thorough understanding will help you if you are a government accountant. To get into this field it is also necessary that the candidate has a certification that is provided for government accountants known as Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM). This can be obtained by passing a series of exams meant for it. In this career you’ll have to
interact with people on daily basis thus good communication skills and people skills are necessary.

Job opportunities for a government accountant
A government accountant obviously will be recruited by the government to work for some of its firms. They will have to work for different firms of the government and it is beneficial because government provides and job security and working for the government is respectful in the social eye. With a salary scale that can go up to six figures, one cannot complain about the pay potential there.

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