Coping with Post Busy Season Depression

While you are in the heat of busy season, it can be hard to imagine that it will ever stop or slow down.  

However, just when you have reached your end of the rope, you are done and back to the standard 40 hour weeks.  The surge of adrenaline that is coursing through your veins 24/7 suddenly stops and everything seems to go in slow motion.  I am only slightly exaggerating, of course, to illustrate a point, however it is common for people to feel a type of withdrawal from the fast paced lifestyle once things slow down.

When Accounting Busy Season is over, often times people will end up with a lot more free time on their hands than they know what to do with.  This can lead to boredom as well as the dangerous possibility of getting used to the slower pace.  The danger in this lies in that it will never stay like this forever – the next quarter, busy season, or job with a tight budget will come along and you will be needed to crank up the intensity once again.

So how do you enjoy your downtime without getting too comfortable?  How do you keep your skills sharp so that they are there when you need them?  The best advice for this is to go under the assumption that at any second they could be needed.  Take the extra time to volunteer for projects, advance your career, and develop relationships within your firm.  This will keep you sharp because you will be staying up to date on the local happenings and your ear will be on the pipeline of new work coming in.  Another great way to stay sharp is to read out Accountant’s Busy Season Survival Guide!

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