Preventing Busy Season Burnout in Accounting

As busy season for an accountant wears on, it can become psychologically demanding – one can feel exhausted, and begin lacking interest in the work.

The more burnt out one feels, the less effective they are at work, and the less happy they are as well.  Here is a list of symptoms of busy season burnout:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Lack of energy, exhaustion
  • Slower performance of tasks
  • Bleak outlook
  • Decreased motivation

Obviously all of these individually could wreak havoc on you, however in combination could result in serious consequences.  How can you prevent, or more likely fix burnout that has already crept in?  Based on what it is that is causing it, there are a few different approaches which you can take depending on the cause.  Follow these to determine the best path:

Main Causes of Busy Season Burnout

  • Not enough sleep, or low quality of sleep
  • Overuse of stimulants such as caffeine and energy drinks
  • Overeating including junk food or consistent fast food
  • Stress

Steps to Battle Busy Season Burnout

  1. Identify – Take a moment to identify what it is that is causing you to feel this way.  If there are multiple things causing this, pick the top ones and focus on them.
  2. Make a Strategy – Depending on what the cause is, you will have to approach this differently.
  3. Execute – The final and most important step is to do something about it – or at least try to.  Maybe this isn’t something you can effect directly, but even discussing it with people such as your boss can influence a potential change.

Keep yourself accountable and read up further in our Busy Season Guide for Accountants!

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