Social Networking Tips for Accountants

One of the best ways to advance your career, whether your are in industry, an auditor, tax professional, or another type of accountant is to network with others in your field. 

Networking can take on several different forms, but in its simplest is the act of meeting others in your profession.  While doing this, your goal can be to be widely known by many people or to be well known by a few, important people.  Networking with other professionals is beneficial regardless of your targeted group; the goal is to increase possibilities of being hired, to meet potential job candidates, to gain information regarding your industry, or create strategic relationships.

But where can an accountant network with other professionals?  There are actually several good places for this to happen, including your current place of work, recreational outings with other professionals you know from school, professional associations, community associations, and career fairs.

Networking Tips for Accountants

  1. Always be friendly, and don’t forget to smile!
  2. Think about what you can do for the other person rather than what they can do for you.
  3. Remember that they will have friends that will hear about you, good or bad.
  4. Keep your contact info handy, such as a business card, but don’t force it on them.
  5. Remember names!  Develop systems to remember names if this does not come naturally.

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