Accounting History Throughout Time

The history of Accounting is one that takes us from modern times and stretches all the way back to the Greek and Roman times.

While today our accounting systems are made up of massive computer systems networked together, the origin of these systems actually started when man began counting with recorded symbols and numbers. As the complexity of business and the advancement of writing occurred, so did the accounting systems.

Accounting History
Accounting Timeline – Major Milestones
Seven Key Factors in History that Created Accounting
Reasons Ancient Civilizations Created an Accounting System
Fra Luca Pacioli – The “Father of Accounting”

History of Tax Accounting
Top Ten Historical Facts about Tax
Fun Facts about the History of Taxes
History of Income Tax [world wide]
American Tax History of the Boston Tea Party
History of Taxation in the United States of America 1600s – 1800s
History of Taxation in the United States of America 1800s – 1900s
History of Income Tax in America
History of Income Tax in America – Constitutional Objections
History of European Value Added Tax
History of Income Tax in Europe

History of Ancient Accounting Systems
History of Accounting in Ancient Babylon
History of Accounting in Ancient Egypt
History of Accounting in Ancient Greece
History of Accounting in Ancient Rome
History of Accounting in Medieval Europe, England

History of Auditing
History of Auditing – English Exchequer
History of Auditing in Scotland, England, and Italy
History of Auditing – Early Records
History of Auditing – Auditing in Early Cities
History of Auditing – Politics
History of Auditing Post 1700

Early Accounting History – Numeration
Introduction to Primitive, Greek, Roman, and Modern Numeration
Greek Numeration
Latin Roots of Numeration
European Connections to Numeration
Greek Roots of Numeration
Roman Notation

Section III


English Exchequer Pipe Rolls Scottish Exchequer Scottish Burgh

Accounts Audited In Exchequer Household Accounts Of Eleanor, Countess Of Leicester Accounts Of The Executors Of The Consort Of Edward I. ; Of The Royal Wardrobe J Of English Manors

Evolution Of The Money Column Accounts Of The City Of London ; Of The Livery Companies Of London Charge And Discharge Form Accounts Of The Lord High Treasurer Of Scotland

Accounts Of The Cities Of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin

Arabic Numerals Accounts Of The Household Expenses Of The Princess Elizabeth ; Of The Churchwardens Of Ludlow Thane Of Cawdor—King’s College, Aberdeen—Merchants’ House Of Glasgow

Burgh Of Stirling Scottish Forfeited Estates

Section V

History Of Book-keeping

The Oldest Preserved Account-book

Other Early Account-books Of The Thirteenth And Fourteenth Centuries

The Development Of Book-keeping The Earliest Instances Of Double-entry

The First Printed Treatise On Book-keeping Description Of The Work Of Paciolo

The Influence Of Paciolo On Subsequent Authors The Earliest Treatises In German, Dutch, English, French, And Spanish.

Section Vi

History Of Book-keeping—(continued)

Gradual Improvements Upon The Early Italian Methods Petri—pietra Passchier-goessens Simon 8tevin The School-master

Authors English Authors : In The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries Peele, Mellis, Carpenter, Dafforne The First Scottish Author Exercise Books Of George Watson Books Of The Darien Scheme ” Jones* English System Of Book-keeping ”

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