The World’s Famous Accountants

Learn about some of the most famous accountants in history

Throughout history, past, present and pop-culture, there have been many well known accountants in different roles throughout society.

Pop-Culture Accountants

  • The name of all the accountant characters on the NBC TV show, “The Office” are: Kevin, Angela Kinsey, and Oscar Martinez
  • Will Ferrel played an accountant for the IRS in the movie Stranger than Fiction, as well as a forensic accountant in the movie The Other Guys
  • Steve Carrell played an accountant for the IRS in the movie Dinner for Schmucks
  • Ewan McGregor played an accountant in the movie Deception

Famous Accountants

Famous People that were previously Accountants

  • John D. Rockefeller was an accountant prior to starting Standard Oil and becoming one of the richest men alive at the time
  • John Grisham, the novelist was previously a lawyer and prior to that an accountant
  • J.P. Morgan, the famous owner of the investment banking firm started his career as an accountant
  • Walter Morgan, the father of the mutual fund industry, created the Wellington Fund which is the flagship fund of the Vanguard company
  • Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons and one of the co-founders of the Home Depot was an accountant
  • Bob Newhart, the comedian from The Bob Newhart Show
  • Kenny G. the saxophone player
  • Gibby Hanes, lead singer of he Butthole Sufers graduated Accounting Student of the Year and worked a year in the field before starting the band
  • 1,400 FBI Agents are accountants, including Thomas Pickard, the #2 man in the organization

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